Home Staging for Resale

Selling your home can be a major undertaking, and you want to obtain the highest price possible for your home. The objective of a home staging consultation is to make your home more appealing to the general public. A home staging session would identify areas within your home that could be improved, with the intent of attracting more buyers. Often, simple, low or no cost improvements can be made that will largely increase the appeal of your home. In a buyer's market, where sellers largely out number available buyers, potential buyers can choose to be more selective. A well staged home can help make your home stand out from the competition. In a seller's market, where a large number of buyers are competing for a limited number of homes, a well staged home can attract numerous bids and greatly increase the selling price of a home. Personal Touch Interiors offers Home Staging to home owners planning to sell their homes, or to real estate agents who want to offer this service to their clients.